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Texas-raised and Grass-fed BEEF

On this site you can find information about grass-fed beef raised in Texas and sold at The Ramsay Hill Farm Store in Mount Vernon, TX. 

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Why is it important to Know Where My Food Comes From?

Traceability is a pillar of why we do what we do : creating visibility between you and your food sources. All of our partner farms and ranches are committed to sustainable, organic farming practices in order to provide you with nutrient-dense you can trust. When you purchase from us, you can be confident that:
  • Our Beef is 100% Grass-fed & Finished and freshly processed in an inspected, humane facility. It will never contain hormones, antibiotics or anything synthetic.
  • Our Chicken is pasture-raised and the grain the chickens are supplemented with is non-GMO.  We live in East Texas where industrial chicken houses are more numerous than gas stations. The chickens inside these buildings never see the light of day. It saddens us and we do things differently. Come see our chickens grazing happily on fresh grass and living as they were created to.
  • Our Eggs are pasture-raised, non-GMO and soy-free. Happy chickens lay healthy eggs. You can even see the difference in the color of the yolks.
  • All of our produce is sustainably and organically grown. You can trust that glyphosate has never been sprayed on the produce we provide and all of our varieties are non-GMO.
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