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Ramsay Family

We are a collective of Texas-area farmers and ranchers that are committed to sustainable, biodynamic, organic practices that result in nutrient-dense food for your family table. We bring together the freshest possible produce, meat and eggs to provide you with one source for locally grown food. Come visit our on-farm store in Mount Vernon, TX, meet up with us at one of our upcoming Dallas deliveries -or- order online. Escape from city life and enjoy our delicious farm-fresh breakfast basket at our cozy AirBnB/HipCamp cabin located right near our Farm Store in Mount Vernon. Come during harvest season and get your hands dirty with us. We hope to meet you soon!
-Jordan and Brooke Ramsay”


Our Vision

We are passionate about local, organic food and biodynamic farming practices. Our desire is to be the communication link between farmers and ranchers in East Texas with people who want eat amazing food in East Texas.  The vision of Ramsay Hill is to CONNECT LOCAL, ORGANIC FARMERS TO LOCAL, ORGANIC EATERS.

How we got Here

A few years ago we watched the documentary Food, Inc. when we were living in Dallas, TX and it struck a chord.  That began a journey of lifestyle change for us.  We began to think differently about the food we consume and where it comes from.  Learning more and more, our desire grew to raise wholesome food for our family table and yours.  We moved to East Texas to raise cows and quickly learned that production and marketing are two full time jobs. So we sold our herd and now we partner with other local farmers and ranchers who are growing sustainably and organically so that we can focus all of our efforts on connecting wonderful, nutrient-dense food to consumers looking for it. As we grow, we hope that you will be a part of our story.