Grass Fed Beef Jerky (5 pack) Free Shipping


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5 packs of 2 oz bags of jerky, great for a healthy snack for those staying away from carbs or sugar.  The beef jerky is made from cattle that are grass fed and have never had antibiotics or growth hormones.  The jerky has everyday spices in it and no sugar. All the spices in the jerky are organic and non-gmo.

Two simple flavors, spicy and not spicy.  Not Spicy is a delicious snack that toddlers to adults will enjoy who don’t like a little kick in their bite.  Spicy is still pretty mild and are most common feedback from people who love “heat” is, its good but not hot.

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1 not spicy, 4 spicy, 1 spicy, 4 not spicy, 2 spicy, 3 not spicy, 3 spicy, 2 not spicy, All Not Spicy, All Spicy


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